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Microwave Ovens Kill Food, and Eventually, YOU!

Microwave Ovens Kill Food, and Eventually, YOU!

Most people have microwave ovens in their house and cook a lot of food that way. In fact, it is the best way to kill yourself really fast. Don’t believe it? You can do a test.

Ways to Prove Microwave can kill

Prepare two same flowerpots with the same flower bought from the same shop. For one of the flowers, water it with regular water. For the other, water with microwaved water which had been cooled down. You will soon find out that flower which had been watered with microwaved water dying within three to seven days.  

Microwave makes us sick

In military, people have tried to get food warm up faster by using microwave. However, after three days everybody was throwing up, showing signs of dizziness and nauseous. All these are proofs that microwave is basically destroying every food value and turning them into a toxin. Everything out of the microwave is highly toxic and the food value is completely zero. Undeniably, microwave oven is convenient but should also listen to our instincts that the microwave is harmful.

Microwave causes Diabetes

Microwave oven actually is one of the tools making us feel full. But an hour later, we will be hungry again because we did not get nutrition. Then we have stuffed our stomach. Thus, we are creating possibly diabetes. This is because our pancreas has to produce all these digestive enzymes for us to be able to digest the dead food.  In short, microwave oven could be one of the main reasons for diabetes. As we cannot digest what we eat and also burdens the body to get rid of these useless foods.

There is absolutely no problem if you use the microwave oven once in a while for example during emergency situation. But you must always keep in mind that it does no any good to our body, so stay away as much as possible. This is particularly important if you have children because it is relatively easy to us. Additionally, when they learn it, they will start to microwave everything, which eventually harm themselves.

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